Craps at Online Casinos

Playing Real Money Craps at Online Casinos

The basics are simple. You bet on the outcome you think you can make or you bet on a player around the table. In the latter case, you pass on your turn. Craps is played with two six-sided dice. It is a combination game. In a real casino game, you have to choose between six dice and take one green and one red. Online, this step does not exist. Note that the casino can change the dice whenever they want. Don’t think of this as cheating or scheming, but superstition is not reserved for gamblers and the casino will change the dice if a player starts to put it in the red.

Craps Variants

At online casinos you can find a number of craps variations. Once you have learned and enjoyed the basic game, it’s up to you to discover these Craps variations and enjoy them to the fullest.

The different Craps variations are 

Simplified Craps: The player is guaranteed to win if he rolls a 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 or 12, but if he rolls all other numbers he is guaranteed to lose!

High Point Craps: This variation is as simple as it gets! The object of the game is to roll an 11 or 12 on the first roll of the dice.

In addition to these two extremely simple variations, which are suitable for novice Craps players, the following variations can also be found in the casinos: Craps Craps, New York Craps and Private Craps.

Craps Strategies

Craps tips

As with any self-respecting casino game, there are certain techniques and strategies for winning a game of craps. In this article, we’ll look at the different strategies you can use to maximise your chances of winning before you start a game of craps.

As you’ll have gathered from our Craps rules, Craps can be a very complex game and it’s important to know all the ins and outs of the game in order to win.

The different methods of playing craps

Over the years, professional craps players and experts in the field of probability have developed a number of different methods of playing craps to help players maximize their chances of winning. We have compiled a list of the most reliable and reputable methods to help you understand the game. 

Sharpshooter’s Craps Method

Craps online

This method, named after the person who invented it, consists of explaining the posture and attitude to have in order to throw the dice perfectly in order to obtain the face of the cube and the desired number. Beware, this method is obviously only effective in land-based casinos…

The patience method or the “Patient field” method

This is the most popular and reliable method of playing Craps on the Internet. It consists of placing only small bets on the first four rolls and waiting for the fifth roll to make a big bet. Why do you do this? Simply because this method of play, also called the patience method, is based on the fact that nothing beats observation and analysis to win a game of craps.

So the player practicing this method will spend the first 4 draws observing and analysing the game in order to draw the conclusions that will lead him to win the game.

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