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Online Casino Unusual Games

Of course, craps, mahjong and sic bo, which originated in Asia, are now allowed on the gaming tables, but online casinos have a knack for dusting off and modernising outdated games to make them online successes. Here are some of the most popular and original new casino games. 

Online Craps

Craps is perhaps one of the most famous online casino games. In the US, it is impossible not to find several dedicated tables in the casinos. The opposite is true. Except in a few gaming circles, it is impossible to play James Bond by rolling the two green and red dice to save the world or at least your evening at the casino. It may seem a bit complex, but it is much less complex than poker. To play craps online, you have to go to an online casino that offers two kinds. A traditional craps table that looks like a classic online casino lobby or the live craps version from online casino software publisher Evolution Gaming. The latter is found in live casinos that put you on a craps table with a real dealer. There is even online craps that is not played with dice, but with cards. The imagination of creative studios is limitless!

21 Duel Blackjack

21 Duel Blackjack

Blackjack is a classic casino game, yet it too is relatively rare in French casinos. Online, it is unthinkable to open a casino without having several versions of this card game. In order to stand out from the competition, studios are offering new versions that rejuvenate and energize a game that has already been around for centuries. With 21 Duel Blackjack, publisher PlayTech Gaming has gone one step further by offering a hybrid game that mixes blackjack and Texas Hold’em poker. One is visible and the other is face down. The player has to decide whether to use them. In this variant, the bank loses some of its statistical advantage over the player, but as everything comes at a price, the payouts are less than in a classic game of blackjack.

Sic Bo and Mah Jong online

Mah Jong online

When we think of casino, we naturally think of Las Vegas and maybe the Riviera and the casinos of Monte Carlo, but we forget Asia. This is a big mistake, because even before the COVID crisis that brought Las Vegas to its knees, Macau was already the number one casino city in the world. Asia obviously does not have the same gaming references as we do. There are similarities with roulette and poker, but there are also traditional games such as Mah jong and Sic bo. Majong is still rare online, but it can be found in the “skills” or “other games” section because it is so unclassifiable. It is a real game for enthusiasts that can be played with cards in duel or solo with virtual wooden pieces. Sic Bo on the other hand is much more widespread. 

Simulation games

This is a bit of a trend these days in online casinos. There are more and more sports simulation games where the objective is to bet online on virtual matches or races. The odds are much higher than in online sports betting, but the players are actually on a revamped slot machine. Players have a wide range of sports to choose from, including rugby, basketball and American football, as well as fantasy sports that only exist in the minds of their creators. There are a lot of options with slot mechanics with free races, winnings multipliers. It’s the same with boat, car and motorbike racing games.

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