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General features of online slot machines

The advancement of technology has led to the emergence of several new features in the world of slot machines.

The number of reels

This is one of the most important features that any player should be aware of. Traditionally, a slot machine has 3 reels. This number has gradually evolved. Today, it is easy to find slot machines with 5 reels.

This progression is not without consequences. Indeed, the new machines have rather imposing interfaces and their operation is sometimes more complex. Sometimes it can even happen that a player finds himself in front of a machine with more than 5 reels. It all depends on the developer.

Bonus games

Bonus games are becoming an increasingly important part of the slot machine system. Specifically, this is a separate game that appears when the player manages to display the right combination of symbols. This can be summarised as three identical symbols. This type of game has the advantage of offering different types of bonuses and multipliers. Like the rest of the slot machine, it is also based on draws, let’s say choices made by the player which in turn trigger random draws.

Slot machine RTP

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Return To Player is defined as the theoretical return percentage of a slot machine. More than a simple formula, it is a real indicator that allows the player to know the chances of winning each slot machine.


Volatility is often brushed aside and even totally ignored by the amateur player, but it is a determining factor in setting up an excellent gaming strategy. Volatility represents the average winnings that a slot machine can offer the player. By mastering this feature, the player can easily anticipate losses and, above all, choose a slot machine that is better suited to his playing style. In short, high volatility means higher but less regular payouts. Low volatility means more regular but lower payouts.

Free spins

Also known as free spins, free spins are one of the features that appeal to all players. Theoretically, they offer the possibility to win big money quickly without having to bet a lot of money. In practice, free spins can be recognised when the scatter symbols appear on the grid. However, it is possible to buy free spins nowadays.

These symbols are sometimes called “scatter symbols”.

Some terms and definitions to keep in mind

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In addition to the above slot machine features, there are a few other basic terms to keep in mind.

The Wild

This is a symbol that plays a valuable role during a slot game. More precisely, it represents the wild card. Therefore, it can replace any other symbol and form a winning combination. However, in principle, it can only substitute for the basic symbols of the machine, i.e. not the scatters or other bonus symbols, etc. In the list of Wilds, there are expandingwilds, shiftingwilds, randomwilds, etc. These are all variations on the Wild principle.


The role of these symbols is simple: to multiply the wins. This feature is possible through the activation of free spins. This process is often completely independent of the reels or the order in which the scatter symbol appears on the screen. Thus, the winnings obtained (free spins, bonus game, possible multipliers) are dependent on the number of scatters displayed on the slot machine interface, wherever they are “scattered” on its grid. Depending on the machine, but especially on the 5-reel machines, the payouts are often graduated, from 3 scatters displayed on the screen to 5 of them.

As for how to recognise them, it’s actually quite simple. On almost 99.9% of slot machines, no matter what symbol, icon or graphic is drawn on the scatter, it always says “Scatter” on it.


This is a simple to understand feature as the name clearly indicates. It appears as a special or bonus symbol that multiplies the winnings in case of a winning combination. Not all slot machines have them, by any means.

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